Conducting Research

In order to create an efficient online marketplace, we and our partners conduct fundamental research on demographics.


  • Surveys targeting multiple demographics
  • Ethnographic interviews
  • Workshops

Current Research Initiatives:

  • Japanese Millennials
  • Global Millennials
  • Scandinavian Investors• Family Offices

Do you know there are investment funds to support industry in the developing countries and eco-friendly energy?

If you can start with a small amount of money ($50 to100) and there is a chance to invest what you believe, would you try?

Do you know there are ways of investment which is not high-risk, high-return but similar to bank deposit?

If you have a chance to learn about investments, would you like to participate in it?

Do you know there are the ways of investment which can support small businesses and company sharing the same belief with you?

If you can obtain neutral information about investments at free of charge, would you receive it?

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